2011: The Beginning of a Movement

The Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge had its inaugural run in 2011, when it was conceptualized as a new way for industry to drive healthcare innovation. By engaging technology entrepreneurs in a competitive framework while providing mentorship and education around deep patient-centric issues, Sanofi US struck out ahead of the pharma pack with a new methodology and way of thinking.

2013: The Innovation Continues

The stream of innovation and experimentation throughout the diabetes landscape has continued as Sanofi US provides hands-off seed money ? no IP is taken ? to the DDD winners. The structure of the Challenge and the past success of the DDD Winners and Finalists has encouraged other members of the healthcare industry to follow suite by engaging with the tech community, drawing entrepreneurs into the healthcare ecosystem, and promoting the use of open data sets to create novel interventions.

Percentage of the US GDP spent on healthcare. In 2040, the projection is 34%.
(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
US$ spent on healthcare in 2010. The spend increased 4.6% in 2011.
(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
Improvement in patient care enabled by predictive modeling.
(Indiana University)
Percentage of wireless devices purchased by consumers to self-monitor health conditions estimated by 2016.
(IMS Research)