Data Design Diabetes: Three years of entrepreneurs taking on the challenge to innovate in diabetes

Data Design Diabetes is the premier open innovation challenge combating diabetes by integrating open data with human-centered design. The Challenge is structured to drive entrepreneurship and innovation, and bring about game-changing solutions.

What Matters Most? Challenge
In 2012, Data Design Diabetes aligned with the U.S. government?s initiative to facilitate dialogue and drive action towards a three-part aim: better care and better health at a lower cost. To that end, the Innovation Challenge process began by crowdsourcing answers to the question ?What matters most to you?? to set parameters for the year?s challenge.
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Next-Generation Challenge
In its inaugural year, Data Design Diabetes was recognized as a next-generation challenge that brings together the richness of open data sets, the values of human-centered design, and the leading-edge methodology of the top innovation accelerators to find the next breakthrough to help millions of Americans living with diabetes.