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Destination Innovation: Behind the Scenes of Data Design Diabetes

Over the past three years, Data Design Diabetes, has inspired the nation’s innovators to foster game-changing approaches to improving care for people living with diabetes. There has never been a better time to be a health entrepreneur – with new resources, technology and policies in development to support innovators, the ecosystem is ripe for the development of new ideas. Data Design Diabetes has demonstrated what happens when technology, big data and healthcare intersect to rapidly accelerate the pace of innovation; now the challenge will provide an inside look at how entrepreneurs grow a seed of an idea into a lasting business solution. Through a series of new installments, Data Design Diabetes will explore a behind-the-scenes look at each transformative stage of the challenge.

Reality DDD: Behind the Scenes with the Finalists

A lot goes on between the finalist announcement and the culmination of each team’s hard work on Demo Day. Reality DDD will showcase what’s happening in the background during each stage of the challenge, through individual interviews with the finalists that convey the motivations that inspired their concepts and continue to fuel their ambitions to improve healthcare. Get to know more about each team and their workspace through self-filmed videos, and learn more about each team’s unique perspective on the problem they’re solving. Teams will share the entrepreneurial toolkits they’ve relied on throughout the challenge to hone their solutions, providing context around the progress they’ve made over the last several months, and what they’ve learned along the way.

POV: Ask the Data Entrepreneur Series

The POV video series will launch in August 2013, featuring original video content from leading thinkers on the state of entrepreneurship in health – answering questions about data, design, and diabetes, among other topics and pressing issues. Stay tuned to get inspired!

Data Design Diabetes is taking a closer look at what happens behind-the-scenes to shape healthcare innovation. Visit to join the conversation!